When Is The Best Time To Visit The Whales In Warrnambool, And Why Do They Come?

In Victoria, the Southern Coastline is known for it’s yearly movement of magnificent marine species – Humpbacks pass through on the “Humpback Highway” on their way to the warmer Queensland waters and can be spotted breaching in the distance of the Warrnambool coastline but it is the Southern Right Whales which draw the most attention around Warrnambool.  During winter, these enormous sea mammals migrate to the Warrnambool coastline.  Warrnambool Logan’s Beach  Whale Nursery is where these beautiful creatures come to have their calves.  You must not miss this beautiful city when it comes to your travelling list – it offers every amazing feeling to see those magnificent animals up close in the wild.  

The Best Time to See Whales in Warrnambool

The Southern Right Whales arrive in Warrnambool to calve June/July and generally stay for around 3 months.  During this time once the mum recovers and the calf gains strength they begin to breach and play around so  August/ Sept is the ideal time to see some action.  It’s a big ocean out there and although Warrnambool has the Whale Nursery there is no guarantee they will be there on the day you visit, but you will certainly not be disappointed with the beauty of this spectacular coastline.  Jumping on a tour with local tour operators Warrnambool Tours gives you every opportunity have a successful whale spotting experience, they supply you with binoculars & have the local knowledge.

Where to See Whales Near Warrnambool?

Early in the season and towards the end of the season you may be lucky enough to see a whale during it’s travels on the Great Ocean Road between Torquay and ends at Portland – popularly known as the “Whale Corridor”.  Warrnambool is the only Whale Nursery where they calve and stay around for 3 months close by  Port Fairy and Portland have whales during the season but usually just popping in to say hi or travelling through (not staying for 3 months)

Why do Whales come to Warrnambool?

That is the $1M question… My answer is why wouldn’t they Warrnambool is a magnificent small coastal city with spectacular  beaches, situated between 2 rivers.  Warrnambool is a popular tourist destination, everyone wants to visit even the Southern Right Whales.

How to get to Warrnambool?

Warrnambool is an easy drive from Melbourne or and even easier train ride from Melbourne Southern Cross Station.  Vline has 4 trains a day arriving from Melbourne and Warrnambool Tours can look after you once you arrive.

Are there groups that follow Warrnambool Whales.

Warrnambool Tours has a Facebook page with updates of activities in the area.

Warrnambool Whales is a Facebook group which regularly post sightings in the Warrnambool area.

Click here to visit the Whales Facebook Group